2017 MALCS Summer Institute Program Final Draft.

2017 MALCS Summer Institute – Final Draft 06.27.2017


*Tuesday, July 18. Board Meeting. 9:00am-5:00pm


Wednesday July 19, 2017


[EC/CC Meeting (if needed): 9:00am-12:00pm]


Pre-Institute Professional, Emotional Well-Being, and Academic Workshops

*Pre-Registration Required for Workshops A1-2, and B1-2. (Email At-Large Representative Dr. Sandra M. Pacheco spacheco@ciis.edu to register)


A1. Demystifying Academic Writing with Dr. Wanda Alarcon

Writing is hard. The reasons are not always mechanical yet it helps to have an understanding of some of the forms in which undergraduate and graduate students are expected to write.  The goals of this workshop include: introduction to academic genres; a discussion on revision; handy tips to strengthen writing. This writing workshop is geared toward undergrads and graduate students. Workshop is limited to 16 participants.


A2. Healing Workshop: Remedios y Rituales

Curanderas sin Fronteras will provide an interactive workshop where participants will learn how to make different remedios they can take home.  The focus will be on hierbas and remedios for stress and protection. There is a small sliding scale fee of $10-$15 for materials. Limited to 20 participants.



B1. Creating a Rhythm and Schedule for your Writing with Dr. Cindy Cruz

Advanced grad students, post docs, and early career faculty are invited to participate in a pre-institute workshop on writing time management.  Participants will:

·      Build skills on writing time management in academia

·      Learn about embodied decolonial practice, and negotiating time, research, teaching, and service

·       Centralize the epistemology of the “Brown” body, Person of Color, and Queer Person of Color, to help us see the body as a site of knowledge to frame agency in academia.

Please bring your calendars/schedules with you! Workshop is limited to 16 participants.


B2. Healing Workshop:  Limpias y Baños Espirituales

Curanderas sin Fronteras will provide an experiential workshop where participants will learn about limpias (energetic cleanses) and baños espirituales.  Participants will have the opportunity to do a limpia on themselves and learn how to do both limpias and baños espirituales as a form of self-care, an act of resistance, and as soul-tending. There is a small sliding scale fee of $10-$15 for materials. Limited to 20 participants.


Writing Workshop, Academic 2:00-5:00pm with Dr. C. Alejandra Elenes &

Writing workshop, Creative 2:00-5:00pm, with Dr. Patricia Trujillo

Registration Now Closed



MALCS for Beginners (Executive Board/Coordinating Committee) 4:00-5:00pm


Thursday, July 20
Session 1: 9:00-10:15am (7 rooms)


A. Panel: Love and Sex: Searching for Papeles in the Trump Era (Evelin Sustaita, Sonoma State University; Seiri Aragón & Griselda Madrigal Lara, University of Texas at Austin)


B. Roundtable: Cuarentona Monologues: The Time Our Mothers Didn’t Talk to Us About (Maria Figueroa, Community Teatro Collective & MiraCosta College)


C. Papers: Mujerista Theories, Resistance, and Consciousness

·      Carving a Space: The Need for a Chicana/Latina Motherwork Theoretical Framework in Family Science (Mariana del Hierro, University of Colorado Denver)

·      Mujerista Consciousness: An Intersectional Exploration of Chicana College Graduates’ Resistance and Solidarity (Victoria Navarro Benavides, University of Arizona)

·      Trespassing the Discursive Borders: The Presence of Spanish Language in the White Public Space    (Jocelyn Gómez, University of New Mexico)

·      Surviving Single Motherhood in the Academy and Beyond (Irene Sánchez, scholar/writer/poet)


D. Panel: Cuerpos y Almas: Reclaiming Xicana Bodies and Souls (Alejandra Regla-Vargas, Corina Benavides-López, Janet Ibarra, & Diana Madrigal, CSU Domínguez Hills)


E: Workshop: Círculos de Consejos: Intersectional Identities: Part One (Paulina Acosta, MALCS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter at UC Berkeley)


F. Workshop: Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS) for Beginners (MALCS Executive Board/Coordinating Committee)


G. Panel: Testimonios and Pláticas in Feminist Educational Research: Methodologies, Representations and Further Considerations (Silvia Patricia Solis, Andrea Garavito Martínez, Cindy O. Fierros, University of Utah, & Nancy Huante-Tzintzun, CSU Sacramento)


Session 2: 10:30-11:45am (8 rooms)


A. Panel: The Power of Telling Your Story: Academic Success (Olga Talamante, Stephanie Segovia, Leticia Corona, & Edith Arias, Chicana Latina Foundation)


B. Performance: “Cayaditas se ven más bonitas”: Laboring Bodies Surviving Academia (Dora López, Marsela Rojas, & Tania Corona Navarro, CSU Northridge &  Heidi Coronado, California Lutheran University)


C. Panel: Narrar la Violencia: On Dialectics of Survival & Testimonios (Ma. Eugenia Hernández Sánchez, Cynthia Bejarano, & Judith Flores Carmona, New Mexico State University)
D. Panel: For the Girls Who Left Hood Violence to PWI Violence: Mapping the Remnants of Colonialism on our Brown Bodies (Armely Pichardo, Davika Parris, Florcy Romero, & Chela Garden, Clark University)


E. Papers: Speaking Against Oppression, Identity, and Poetic Justice

·      Unos Cuantos Piquetitos: The Systemic Silencing and Domestication of a Latina Scholar (Paper-performance, Jean Aguilar-Valdez, Portland State University)

·      Poetry as a Form of Resistance: A Bilingual Academic Poet (Lilian Cibils, New Mexico State University)

·      Silencing Identity Through the Silencing of Voice: How the Former Ban on Spanish Language of the U.S Affects Chicana/o/x Identity in Contemporary Generations (Sandra Paulina Soria Jiménez, University of New Mexico)

·      Indigenous Feminist Hip-Hop: Invoking the Maiz Goddess to Speak Against Neoliberal Violence (Norell Martínez, UC San Diego)
F. Workshop: La Llorona meets Windigo: Horror Stories as Lessons of Hope (Melissa Bennett, The Evergreen State College & Elena Avilés, Portland State University)


G. Panel: Muxerista y Jotería Resilience: Re/Claiming Truths, Voice y Resistencia (Anita Tijerina Revilla, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Veronica García, Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (Oakland) & Paso del Norte OUT Fund (El Paso), Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee (El Paso)


H. Papers: La Familia, Masculinity and White Supremacy

·      White Male Supremacy behind Mental Health: Women Protect Yourself (Caroline Bezerra, Soka Gakkai International-SGI)

·      Materializing the Shadows: The Struggle for Freedom in the Literary and Visual Works of Undocumented Youth (Esmeralda Arrizón-Palomera, Cornell University)

·      Discursive Dependence: Women, Humor, Cine, and Gendered Mexican Identities, 1930s to 1980s

(Nancy Quiñones, California State Polytechnic University)

Lunch Break, 11:45am-1pm
Plenary One: 1:15pm-2:30 pm –Theater/Warren Auditorium

Site Committee Panel: Hidden Sonoma: Laboring Bodies and Silenced Voices

Dra. Mariana García Martinez, Director of El Centro Latinx, Sonoma State University

Amelia Ceja, President, Ceja Vineyards

Leticia Romero Valentín, Executive Director, Corazón Healdsburg

Session 3: 2:45-4:00pm (7 rooms)

A. Panel: With Nana Meztli As Our Guide

·      Revolucionarias Espírituales (Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhtli)

·      Caraya Love (Ana-Maurine Lara, University of Oregon)

·       Psycho-Spiritual Emergence Crossroads (Angela Mictlanxotchil Anderson)


B. Roundtable: Toward a Feminista Leadership Praxis (Judith Flores Carmona, New Mexico State University; Lupe Gallegos-Díaz, UC Berkeley; L. Justine Hernández, St. Edwards University, & Rita Urquijo-Ruiz, Trinity University).


C. Papers: Latina Leaders en la Lucha Speak Back

·      U.S.-Mexico Border Leaders Working in a Challenging Political Climate (María de Lourdes Viloria, Texas A&M International University)

·      Letters To… (Tania Corona Navarro, CSU Northridge)

·      Latina Leaders (Theresa Torres, University of Missouri-Kansas City)

·      Luchando con el Corazón: Mexican and Mexican-American Women Defining Education Justice in the Heart of Chicago (Laura J. Ramírez, University of Illinois at Chicago)


D. Panel: Testimonios de Jotería en la Frontera (Diana López & Edwardo S. Rodríguez)


E. Workshop: Mujer Tierra y Poder: Challenging Dominant Representations and Healing Through the Female Corporal Narrative (Diana Cervera, Hilanderas Feminist Collective)


F. Roundtable: Que Poca Madre: A Toda Madre a Taxing Relationship (Adilia E. Torres, Community Mental Health, Suguey Hernández-Vásquez, & Rebecca Gonzales)


G. Panel: Finding Our Voices and Reclaiming Our Truth: The Role of Historical Trauma, Indigenous Pedagogies, Resiliency Circles and Contemplative Practices in Education (Heidi M. Coronado, Belen Soriano, Melina Sand, Monica Robles, & Denise Razana, California Lutheran University)

Session 4: 4:15-5:30pm (7 rooms)


A. Panel: Latina/o Journals and Collaborative Research: History and Process (Elizabeth C. Martínez, De Paul University; Gabriela Baeza-Ventura, University of Houston, & Annemarie Pérez, CSU Domínguez Hills)


B. Papers: Women of Color and Queer Students Surviving in STEM Fields

·      The STEM Leaky Pipeline (Alejandra Lerma, New Mexico State University)

·      Self-Preservation and Healing in the Walls of the Academy: Strategies to Survive STEM Fields as a Womxn of Color (A. Catalina Camacho, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)

·      The Bodies of Latinx Queers, Ableism, & Survival (Theresa Soto, Unitarian Universalist Association)


C. Panel: Abriendo Caminos/Opening Pathways (Norma A. Marrun, Valerie Taylor, & Rosemary Q. Flores, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
D. Panel: Opportunities and Constraints in the Pursuit of Higher Education (Erica Zamora, Heidy Sarabia, & Laura Zaragoza, CSU Sacramento)


E. Performance: Broken Tongues, Broken Identities: A Dialogue about Our Latinx Roots through Movement Exploration (Jocelyn Pánfilo, UC Berkeley)


F. Workshop: The Power of Participatory-based Music Practices as Vehicles to Generate and Transmit Knowledge (Iris C. Viveros Avendano, University of Washington)


G. Panel: When the Borderlands are Our Bodies… (Hope Casareno, Pauline Cashion & Lucy Arellano, California Institute of Integral Studies)


Friday, July 21
Writing Workshops, Academic 8-11am, Alejandra Elenes & Creative 8-11am Patricia Trujillo (2 rooms needed)


Session 5: 9:00-10:15am (6 rooms needed + see above)


A. Panel: Machas & Tombois: Reflections on Chicanx Butchness and Resistance (Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz, Trinity University; Linda Heidenreich, Washington State University; Yvette J. Saavedra, CSU San Bernardino, & Nancy “Rusty” Barceló, Activist-Scholar-Administrator)


B. Workshop: Caras vemos, (más)caras no conocemos: Personal and Social Healing (Josie Méndez-Negrete & Mariana C. Zaragoza, University of Texas at San Antonio)


C. Papers: Decolonial Imaginary, Language and Shifting Methodologies

·      Making Connections, Coalitional Readings of Women of Color Writings for Social Justice (María P Chaves, Binghamton University)

·      Alma López’s Heaven (Gilda Posada, California College of the Arts/Galería de la Raza)

·      Indígena Imaginaries: Toward Queer Decoloniality (V. Gina Díaz, University of New Mexico & UC Davis)

·      Shifting the Discourse: The Deployment of the “X” (Pablo Montes, University of Texas at Austin)


D. Workshop: Círculos de Consejos: Intersectional Identities: Part Two (Paulina Acosta, MALCS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter at UC Berkeley)


E. Workshop: Navigating our Online Tools/Resources: MALCS.org and Wild Apricot (Elena Avilés, Portland State University & Vanessa Fonseca, Arizona State University)


F. Panel: “I entered the education system with an opportunity gap”: Healing, Voicing, and Resisting through Biography-driven Pedagogy (Leticia Burbano de Lara, Faith Calvo, Johanna Carrazco, Saira Hernández, & Kenia Pinela, Colorado Mountain College)

Session 6: 10:30-11:45am (6 rooms + see above)


A. Panel: Voice and Resistencia: Feminista Praxis as Profesoras in the Academy (Mari Castañeda, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Sonya M. Alemán, University of Texas at San Antonio, & Claudia Anguiano, CSU Fullerton)


B. Workshop: Writing and Re-Writing (Her)Story (Hope Casareno, California Institute of Integral Studies)


C. Papers: Defying and Resisting Xenophobia and Topographies of Brown Bodies in the Media

·      Maids in *Manhattan*: Racist, Sexist, and Ahistorical Depictions of New Mexican Women and Place in the Television Show *Manhattan* (Myrriah Gómez, University of New Mexico)

·      Art Voices Resistance (Jeanette Alanis, San Francisco State University)

·      The New Latinx Movement: The Digital Media Company Mitú Brings Latinx Culture into Mainstream Entertainment (Katrina Baca, University of New Mexico)

·      “Social Geographies of Fat: Fat Female Bodies Producing Counter-Topographies in Discourses of Latinidad” (Joanna E. Sánchez-Avila, University of Arizona)


D. Panel: Contando Nuestras Historias con Quipus (Adriana Rangel, Noralee Jasso, San José State University & Jessica Rodríguez, University of Washington)


E. Papers: Border Crossings, Voice and Activism

·      Living Without Fear: La frontera (Lena Vásquez, New Mexico State University – MHAR (Mujeres y Hombres Activ@s Revolucionari@s)

·      La Activista that I was Meant to Be (Elizabeth Castrejón, New Mexico State University – MHAR (Mujeres y Hombres Activ@s Revolucionari@s)

·      The Cost of Human Morality: Crimmigration and Border Crossing in Arizona (Olivia Marti, University of Minnesota Twin Cities)

·      Chicana Poetry as a Voice for Victims of Femicidio in Ciudad Juárez (Gabriela Serrano, Angelo State University)


F. Workshop: Writing Resistance: Defining Our Existence (Irene Sánchez, scholar/writer/poet)


Lunch Break, 11:45am-1pm
Plenary 2, 1:15pm-2:30pm *Person Theater/Warren

MALCS Plenary: Nepantlan Warriors, Laboring Bodies, and Communal Practices

Linda Heidenreich, Associate Professor – Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies, Washington State University

Priscilla Solis Ybarra, Associate Professor of English, University of North Texas

Cynthia Aragon, Attorney at Law, Albuquerque, NM

Session 7: 2:45-4:00pm (8 rooms)


A. Panel: Educación en Nepantla: Pláticas and Testimonios of Privilege, Marginalities, and Resistance (Rebeca Burciaga, San José State University; Dolores Delgado Bernal, University of Utah & CSU Los Angeles; C. Alejandra Elenes, Arizona State University, & Judith Flores Carmona, New Mexico State University)
B. Roundtable: Conversations at the Kitchen Table: Chicana Sabiduría, Resistencia, and Peace Activism, Past to Present (Dionne Espinoza, CSU Los Angeles; Felicitas Nuñez, Community activist, writer, performance; María Elena Ramírez, Community activist, Storyteller/Performance artist; Nina Genera, Community activist, Ohlone Community College; Paula Miranda, Independent scholar; Jessica Cordova, Independent scholar, & Martha Salinas, Community member)
C. Panel:  Tales from the Ivory Tower: Women of Color’s Resistance to Whiteness in Academia (Mariana del Hierro, Cheryl E. Matias & Danielle Walker, University of Colorado Denver)


D. Papers: Consciousness, Diasporic Narratives and Art as Resistance

·      Mestiza Consciousness of an Educational Historian: A Research Testimonio (Michaela J. López Mares-Tamayo, Center for Critical Race Studies at UCLA)

·      Unraveling los Hilos que Tejen; Examining Intergenerational Latina Diasporic Narratives (Vileana De La Rosa, San Diego State University)

·      When I Declared Mi Raza: The Claiming of Contemporary Chicana Identity (Julianna Christine Wiggins, University of New Mexico)

·      Laboring Chicana Bodies: Documenting Exploration, Demonstrating Resistance in Chicana Photography (Ann Marie Leimer, Midwestern State University)


E. Panel: A Collective Path of Love: Reassembling Coyolxauhqui a Nuestra Manera (Adeli Ynostroza, Elizabeth Silva, Liliana Castrellón, Andrea Hernández, Alicia de León, & Silvia Patricia Solis, University of Utah)


F. Workshop: Pan Dulce Pláticas at UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center (Maribel Gómez & Karla M. Zabaleta Hinojosa, UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center)
G. Performance: Mujer Mariposa: Voices of Womxn on the Periphery (Diana Cervera, Hilanderas Feminist Collective)


H. Film Screening: ME & Mr. MAURI: Turning Poison into Medicine (T. Osa Hidalgo de la Riva, Independent Scholar/Producer, Eagle Bear Productions)

Caucus Meetings: 4:15-5:15pm

Caucus meetings (4 rooms)

·      WINC Caucus

·      Graduate Student Caucus

·      Undergraduate Student Caucus

·      LBTQ Caucus

Noche de Cultura, 6-8pm

*Ballroom A, cork fee $10/bottle


Saturday, July 22
Session 8: 9:00-10:15am (8 rooms)


A. Panel: Locating Interstitial Spaces: Exploring Decolonial Feminisms & Chicana Feminisms (Dolores Calderón Estrada, Western Washington University; Cinthya Saavedra, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley; Sylvia Mendoza, Palomar College; Nancy Huante Tzinzun, CSU Sacramento, & Monica González Ybarra, University of Colorado, Boulder)
B. Workshop: The Muxerista Collective: Bridging Comunidad and Academia through DIY Creations (Briceida Hernandez-Toledo &
Desiré Galvez, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the Muxerista Collective)
C. Panel: The MALCS AdHoc Committee on Heteropatriarchal Institutional Violence (Marie “Keta: Miranda, University of Texas at San Antonio & Clarissa Rojas, UC Davis)


D. Papers: Place, Race, Gender, and Food

·      “How are We Going to Do All this Work?”: Women’s Labor and Reproductive Justice in Virginia Grise and Irma Mayorga’s The Panza Monologues (Adrianna M. Santos, Texas A&M University-San Antonio)

·      Shutting Down for La Causa: Indiana Latinx Small Businesses’ Role in the Movement (Rocío León, Purdue University)

·      The Racial and Gender Politics of Tex-Mex Food Branding in San Antonio (Norma Cárdenas, Eastern Washington University)

·      Chicana Community Herstories: Voices of Resistance in Little Michoacán (Ana Angel Avendano, University of San Francisco)


E. Panel: Geographies of Higher Education: Mapping the Invisibility of Chicanx Students Bodies and Lives (Larissa Mercado-López, Polet Campos-Melchor, & Selena Carbajal, CSU Fresno)


F. Workshop: How to Publish in the MALCS Journal, Chicana/Latina Studies: Una Plática with the Editors (Sonya M. Alemán, Lilliana Saldaña, Gabriella Sánchez, & Alixandria Rowe, University of Texas at San Antonio)


G. Performance: Moving, Feeling, and Generating: The Davalos Dance Company as Site of Chicana Feminist Praxis (Karen Mary Davalos, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities & CatherineMarie Davalos)

H. Art Exhibition (all day, same room?): Indigenous Women & Girls: The Power to Be Yourself (Heather A. Hathaway Miranda, University of Illinois-Chicago)

Session 9: 10:30-11:45am (6 rooms needed)


A. Panel: Chicana Faculty Experiences in Higher Education: A Critical Testimonio (Elvia Ramírez, Nancy Huante-Tzintzun, Denise Fernández, & Yeimi López Lemus, CSU Sacramento)


B. Papers: Abrazos del Pasado, Narratives & Gendered Testimonios

·      Abrazos de Conocimiento Across the Generations: Chicana Mothering and Daughtering in the Borderlands (Irene Lara, San Diego State University)

·      Testimonios on US Rural Homelessness: Hilando Historias. Tejiendo Vida (Nancy Carvajal Medina, Washington State University)

·      El Otro Lado de la Familia Vallejo (Karen R. Roybal, Colorado College)

·      Narratives from Latina Rebels in Group Homes (Joana Chávez, UC Riverside)


C. Papers: Voice, Identity and Oral Histories

·      Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Going Beyond the Oral History (Julie Amparano, Arizona State University)

·      The Gendering of an “Elastic Supply of Labor”: Mexican Women Cotton Workers in the Salt River Valley, 1917-21 (Gloria Cuádraz, Arizona State University)

·      Developing Public History Projects through Collaboration with the Chicanx Community (Margarita García-Villa, San José State University)

·      Claiming Identity and Truth: Mexicans and Mexican Americans Resisting Dominant Narratives in Rural Pennsylvania (Elena Pérez-Zetune, University of Texas at Austin)


D. Panel: Muxerista Action Research and Praxis: A Muxerista Diaspora from Vegas to Minnesota (Anita Tijerina Revilla, Desiré Galvez, Briceida Hernández-Toledo, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the Muxerista Collective; Joanna Nuñez, University of Minnesota, & Emily Willis-Almaguer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Purple WINGS non-profit)


E. Workshop: Self Preservation in Times of Oppression (Fabian Romero, University of Washington)


F. Papers: Time, Space, Place and Poetry

·      Examining Consuelo Jiménez Underwood’s Fiber Art (Clara Roman-Odio, Kenyon College)

·      Navajo Lake: Erasured Histories of Rosa and Los Arboles, New Mexico (Jodi Chilson, Boise State University)

·      Love in the Time of Loss (Cathy Arellano, American River College)

Lunch Break, 11:45am-1pm
Plenary 3, 1:15pm-2:30pm. *Person Theater/Warren (Cecilia)

WINC Plenary: Water, Plantas, y Medicina: Lessons from the No DAPL Movement & the Continued Struggle for Land and Food Justice

Adriana Betti: R.I.S.E. Executive Director

Melissa Moreno: Woodland Community College

Jenell Navarro: CSU San Luis Obispo



Session 10: 2:45-4:00pm (6 rooms needed)


A. Panel: Las Tortillas de Maíz: Digging up Nuestras Raíces as De/Coloniality (Adeli Ynostroza, Elizabeth Silva, Liliana Castrellón, University of Utah, & Rita Urquijo Ruiz, Trinity University)


B. Roundtable: Muxerista Peer-mentoring and Homegirl Healing: Colega y Colectiva Support among Community College Faculty (Lee Ann Epstein, St. Philip’s College; Sylvia Mendoza & Angelica Yáñez, Palomar College, & Sandra Garza, Northwest Vista College)


C. Panel: Birth-Loss Testimonios: Muxeres Healing Together (Sonia Mariscal Navarro, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Christine Vega Villarreal, UCLA, & Elizabeth González-Cárdenas, UCLA)


D. Papers: Critical Race Theory, Education & Educación

·      Evaluating a Middle School-Community Restorative Model: A Critical Race Theory Framework (Melissa Vargas, Binghamton University)

·      Compton Murals: Repainting a Latinx Visual Counter-narrative (Staphany Bravo García, CSU Los Angeles)

·      Guess What?! I’m Back!: Creating a More Authentic Literature Curriculum in Our Classrooms (Alma Llanas, Five Palms Elementary/South San Antonio ISD)

·      “Esta Chicanita Reads Banned Books”: Radical Storytelling for Subversive Children (Isabel Millán, Kansas State University)


E. Panel: Women of Color at Pitzer College & Cultural Appropriation (Gabriela Ornelas, Alegría Martínez, Jacquelyn Aguilera, & Estefania Gallo-González, Pitzer College)


F. Papers: The Decolonized Body & Health

·      This Body Craving Healing: Toward a Decolonized Body (Victoria de los Santos Mycue, California Institute of Integral Studies)

·      Beneficial Effects of Ayahuasca and other Entheogens (Veronica Hernández, California Institute of Integral Studies)

·       Soy Gorda, y Que? – Decolonizing our Fat Bodies and Reclaiming New Mestiza Definitions of Health and Beauty (Jean Aguilar-Valdez, Portland State University & Dóra Lopez, CSU Northridge)


Business Meeting (1 large room needed), 4:15-5:30pm
Tortuga Awards Banquet (off site), 8-11pm

*Moustache confirmed (150 cupcakes) and Strauss ice cream


*Each day, vendor room (must lock), 8:30am-6pm     *Sunday, July 23, 2017: Check-out & Departure



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