Access MALCSmail at or just click on this image. Click here to go to MALCS mail! MALCSmail is basically Gmail running on our own domain.  It is an excellent, safe, and stable system, and we highly recommend it.  MALCS officers are eligible for a free email account ( If you are an officer, and you’d like your own MALCS email account, please drop us an email (

MALCS Facebook!

MALCS has our own facebook page!

We encourage you to add us as a friend, follow us as we write about MALCS events and activities.

Our facebook page is currently moderated by an informal network of members and correspondents including ex-oficio chair Rita Urquijo-Ruiz, and Mexican national correspondent Carmen Ponce Melendez.

Mailing Lists

We currently have two main email lists; the first is the official MALCS list for members only, and the second is for allies and affiliates.  If you’d like to become a member, or submit to the lists, please contact our ListServ Jefa at for the addresses.  She updates the lists regularly based on membership data given her by Lupe and membership coordinator (maybe 2-3 times a year?).

Is my message moderated 
Most (90%?) email to the lists goes through immediately.
If someone submits an email to a list to which they are NOT subscribed, the message has to wait for moderation, and the moderator usually approves or rejects it within a day or so.

Sometimes emails will be rejected if they are sent to multiple addresses in addition to a list – this is our default since these are supposed to be private lists.  So you cannot send an email to “” AND“   –  again, it will be submitted for moderation and the moderator will approve or reject.   This was a bit of an issue last year during discussion of the journal, so we created a  list specifically for journal issues.


Other Email lists

We have a brand new list titled Madres Profesoras which seeks to provide a supportive queer-friendly forum for Chicanas, Latinas, and women of color parents who are juggling both children and academic careers. To join, please go here or email The group also has a facebook page at

We have two more private mailing lists for the LBTQ Caucus, and the Indigenous Caucus.  These lists are not currently in use.

If we set up a list for you, here is a quick guide to managing it: Web tutorial:  Managing a MALCS mailing list

Resources for Local Chapters

If your local chapter is active, please contact the webjefa so we can offer you the support of MALCS email, blog, and other technologies.  We can set you up with these at no charge on the MALCS server, and you maintain full control over your content.  Or if you set up your own blog, please let us know so we can link to it and support your work!  Email webjefa @


Listjefa page