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MALCS is a professional organization for self-identified Chicana, Latina, Native American / Indígena mujeres and gender non-conforming academics, students, and activists. MALCS values and recognizes the multiple ongoing contributions of Chicana, Latina, and Native American / Indígena women and gender non-confirming academics and activists; actively works to create, promote, and support an inclusive education pipeline; and supports and recognizes that scholarly, and activist endeavors are not separate but rather part of a holistic approach for Chicana, Latina, and Native American / Indígena women and gender non-conforming peoples.


Join or renew today! Membership benefits include a subscription to Chicana/Latina Studies, access to our members-only forums, discounted rates to the Summer Institute, and the knowledge that you are joining an organization that supports Chicana, Latina, Afro-Latina, Native American and Indigenous, and gender non-conforming academics, students, and activist in higher education and community leadership. For more information about joining MALCS, please visit our Membership Page.

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“Chicana/Latina women were an integral part of the activities collectively recognized as the Chicano Movimiento, most active and visible from 1964 to 1975. By the early 1980s their contributions were barely acknowledged. Sensing this collective loss of voice, feeling highly isolated, eager to extend their knowledge to other women, and desiring to change society’s perceptions, a group of Chicana/Latina academic women gathered at the University of California, Davis, in spring 1982. Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS) was established at this first meeting. The MALCS declaration, written one year later at the Berkeley campus, formally established the organization and affirmed the membership’s dedication to the unification of their academic life with their community activism.”

– MALCS Quote

In Mememoriam

Dear MALCSistas, In the early morning of September 27, 2019, Profesora  Ines M. Talamantez, Pioneer and Elder passed away from the effects of rapid onset cancer.  She was in the company of her family and closest friends. Dr. Talamantez paved the way for Native Peoples in academia.  For 40 years she taught at UC Santa Barbara in the Religious Studies Department, where she created the academic field of Native American Religious Traditions. As an Apache elder, an educator, a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a mentor, a friend, a sister and so much more, Dr Talamantez accomplished what many seek to do, but few are able – to leave the world so much better than when she arrived. On Friday, November 1, 2019, a celebration of her life and work and velorio was held at the Great Meadow Lawn of Santa Barbara City College and Las Maestras Center, in Santa Barbara. A GoFundMe page is also listed to help with costs of memorial services.  Family and friends can be reached at (805) 893-2160. Dr. Ines Talamantez, !Presente! Dr. Ines Talamantez, ¡Presente! Dr. Ines Talamantez, ¡Presente! Rest in Peace and Power

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