Malcs 2011: Madres Por Justicia

Teatro Chicana at MALCS 2011 Summer Institute
During the Q&A following ‘Madres Por Justicia’

One of my greatest pleasures in coming to the Summer Institute is to experience all the wonderful cultural output. From local artists featured in the exhibit and vendor areas to presentations that feature legendary artists. At the 2011 CSULA Summer Institute, I had the honor of filming a performance by Teatro Chicana of their latest work, ‘Madres Por Justicia’. This 16 minute play features the story of a young woman working in a plant and her disappearance. As with all Teatro productions one can find so many layers of meaning in dialogue, lighting, props, sound and especially in character portrayal. I learn something new from this legendary group of Chicanas everytime I am allowed to bear witness to their work.

Madres Por Justicia was directed by Evelyn Diaz Cruz. Videographer: Sylvia Morales, Producer: Linda Garcia Merchant. Filmed as part of the Chicana Por Mi Raza Project.

Teatro Chicana: Madres Por Justicia

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  1. Linda, what a treat to get to see this online! Looking forward to more shared posts from the Chicanas por Mi Raza Project!


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