News from the Executive Committee

Dear MALCistas,

In the coming weeks before our 2011 Institute, our website will feature a new section “News from the Exec”

The MALCS Special Gathering launched an assessment of our organization that would address how we, as a national body, bridge all aspects of our work. The Special Gathering called for exploring new and existing strategies of bridging letras y cambio social.

Since 2010, the Executive Committee has addressed bylaws, 501c3 status, building membership, and addressing critical infrastructural issues before us as a national organization. And other issues still are before us.

This section begins a series of discussions about MALCS and what we want it to become. It will feature various essays, hopefully short essays, to facilitate ideas for an assessment of our organization. The tracts will take up the following:

  • Report back on Special Gathering
  • Vision Statement
  • Proposed Bylaws Changes, Summary of the changes and the procedure for Bylaws voting/ timeline
  • Proposal for changing the meeting structure to every other year
  • Update on MALCS as a financial entity with a fiscal agent, the Chicana/Latina Foundation

Key to our assessment is guaranteeing the membership’s input—recommendations to the Report Back and Vision Statement, discussion of the Bylaws revisions, etc. Therefore, the “News from the Exec” link will provide a viable avenue for discussion—this includes a blog space for-members-only, as well as utilizing survey forms so that members may respond more promptly and efficiently.

At this launching, the Executive Committee extends our gratitude to The Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa (SSGA) that graciously provided their final plenary session to MALCS in order to begin our assessment.

Keta Miranda, Chair

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