Save Ethnic Studies

The struggle to SAVE ETHNIC STUDIES in Arizona crosses state and national borders! Scholars and activists in Chicana/o Studies recognize that attacks on immigrants and attacks on learning about our history equal attacks on our hearts and minds! (See the website for great visuals, videos, and more about the landmark Arizona case:

Outraged at the hatred evident at this historical moment? Let’s take action to oppose the Arizona move to outlaw Chicana/o Studies/Ethnic Studies in the high schools! Arizona has a relatively small population and needs our help!

What can we do? Come to the fundraiser the last day of NACCS in Pasadena, Saturday, April 2 at 6:30. The fundraiser ($25.00/10.00 for students) features among others, Chicana feminista and amazing activist/performance artist/scholar Felicia Montes, Mujeres de Maiz, Co-founder. If you can’t make the fundraiser, you can stilll help by sending a donation/pledge to the Arizona SES legal defense; they have set up donations through the website. Justice is expensive and each centavo helps!

Spread the word! In Solidarity,
Mary Pardo, Chicana/o Studies, CSUN

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  1. It was an great conference. Those of you working the MALCS table did such an amazing job. I felt honored to become a member.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in August.


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