CFP MALCS 2010: Derechos Humanos: (Re)Claiming Our Dreams Across Contested Terrains

The 2010 institute…

Arizona State University, Phoenix Derechos Humanos: (Re)Claiming Our Dreams Across Contested Terrains July 21-24

The theme of the 2010 institute reflects our belief in the interrelationship between human rights and the urgent need to reclaim contested terrains and Indigenous homelands. In doing so, we recognize that dreams in our communities all too often go unrealized. The paucity of economic security compounded by limited access to education, health care, urban survival, and civil rights calls us to reflect, theorize, and organize to challenge the powers and inequalities prevailing in our communities and institutions. By contested terrains, we acknowledge the embattled contradictory borders and spaces of our everyday lives in geographical, spiritual, ideological, epistemological, political, and cultural arenas. We claim our rights to dreams, and to instill those dreams in our loved ones and to honor the dreams of those who preceded us. In order to fully learn from each other, we are creating a youth track that inspires and forges cross-generational ties. In the spirit of this institute we invite scholars, activists, cultural workers, artists, students, and community members to join us in envisioning the possibilities and actualizing social change.

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