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Estimada MALCS:

My name is René Venegas, and I am a fourth year medical student here at UC Davis, and currently conducting research this year with the department of emergency medicine and the California Clinical Forensics Medical Training Center to improve the health care system response to men and women who are victims of sexual assault. I hope you can forward this message to your members who may be interested in participating.

We are currently preparing to conduct a study on the efficacy of Wood’s Lamp, and we can use your help. On Monday 12 October 2009, we will undergo a 1-day study on the sensitivity of the Wood’s Lamp, which is used to look for forensic evidence during sexual assault forensics exam. This would involve applying saliva and semen (either your own if you are a man or someone you really trust) on different parts of your body (i.e.. abdomen, arm, neck), along with fabric softener and water (controls) and having a Wood’s lamp exam at different time intervals to see what and when the best time these items glow. We hope to establish an optimal time frame for when the Wood’s Lamp exam of a sexual assault forensics exam should be conducted.

This study will last for one day (the last exam will be 24 hours after application of fluids). Application of study materials will be applied around 6 am at UCDMC in Sacramento. Then there will be exams with Wood’s Lamp at UCDMC at 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hour after application of materials.

Both MEN AND WOMEN can participate in the investigation, and the will be NO NUDITY and NO INVASIVE EXAMS (i.e. Pelvic exams) required to participate.

We will also compensate you for your participation with $50.00.

Please take a moment to check out the attached powerpoint for more information, and feel free to contact me (email, cell, pager, whatever) if you have any other questions. I would also be willing to meet with any potential participants in the near future for an informational session. Thank you for your consideration! Also consider participating with a friend, as I have found in previous studies that those who participated with a friend actually had fun!

Thank you.


René Marcial Venegas, MS4
UC Davis School of Medicine
Latino Medical Student Assoc. (
cell: 626.991.4721
pgr: 916.762.1106

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