Cecilia Burciaga is doing better!

The Burciaga family writes that querida veterana Cecilia Burciaga is doing better!

“We have good news!  The four rounds of chemotherapy (and no doubt the miraculous power of prayer) have helped shrink the largest tumor by about 1/3 and decrease the swelling in her lymph nodes. The CT scans did not reveal anything new and it seems as though the cancer is not spreading for the time being.

What’s more is that Cecilia continues to feel better and has more energy. She is no longer on oxygen (going from 24/7 to not at all!) and while she can’t walk long distances, she does not need a wheelchair anymore.  Even her nurses are surprised by her recent progress! This feels like nothing short of a miracle.

This is still a stage IV diagnosis but for now we focus on helping her (re)gain physical strength and supporting her through dialysis and the challenges that come with that.  She will see the oncologist every 6 weeks and have CT scans every 6 months.

Antonio continues his practice of reading to her in Spanish every night – a joy they both love and relish.  The whole family thanks you all again for your positive thoughts and support.”

It’s amazing to read Cecilia’s guestbook and see the incredible range of people who have been influenced by her life and work….

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