Free contraceptives, preventive healthcare NOW

From Francisca James Hernandez: 
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Women's preventive services now covered under Obamacare

Women's preventive services now covered under Obamacare

Free Birth Control goes into Effect Today

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  1. A point of clarification from Amanda Marcotte:

    While eventually most American women will get their birth control covered …only women who bought or had a plan renewed on Aug. 1 will begin to have access to co-pay-free birth control. Insured women whose plans renew later will have to wait.

    For those women who do have the benefit already, however, be forewarned: Not all birth control is covered…. All _kinds_ of birth control are covered—pills, rings, injections, IUDs, diaphragms, emergency contraception—but not all _brands_. Insurance companies have a lot of leeway within the regulation to refuse to cover certain brands. For brands that have a generic version, the company can choose to only offer the generic for free.


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