Help a NY Teacher, House on Mango Street

MALCSistas, if you have advice or referrals for this teacher, please add a comment below or drop me a note (  Thanks!

my name is leah and i’m a 1st year teacher in NY. I’ll be starting (soon) a unit on HOUSE ON MANGO STREET and was wondering if you had any ideas for background information to handout to my middle schoolers. i’m defintely planning on making the unit strongly based on a creative writing ‘autobiography’ unit but was wondering if you have any resources for 7th graders. (poems, definitions, etc…)



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  1. Hi Susana,

    I saw the note posted by Leah on your message boards about teaching resources for Mango Street. She may want to contact the city of Escondido, California librarian as last spring in partnership with the local University they hosted an “Escondido Reads One Book” featuring Mango Street. I believe that they put together study guides and other resources for the community. I hope this helps!

    Lisette Lasater


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