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December7: House Fails to Pass Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act.
Yesterday, representatives tried to push the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act through the House, and failed. This bill would have required doctors to inform some women seeking an abortion that the fetus might feel pain. MORE

Maternal and Child Health in Southeastern Pennsylvania
A new report by the Maternity Care Coalition on women’s dismal state of pre-natal access and care in Pennsylvania highlights the lack of access for diverse ethnic groups, including Latinas. Click here for the report.

November 21: New Head of Family Planning Services Anti-Choice
Last week President Bush chose Eric Keroack, an opponent of birth control and abortion, as the new family planning chief. MORE

November 20: Nicaraguan President Signs Abortion Ban
On Friday, President Bolaños signed a ban on all abortions including those that would save the life of the woman. Legal challenges are expected. MORE

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