Cecilia Burciaga at Natl Hispanic Univ, San Jose

MALCS chair Adriana Ayala is immensely pleased to note that as of July 1, veteran Chicana educator Cecilia Burciaga has been at the helm of Academics as Interim Provost at the National Hispanic University. Cecilia comes to NHU with over twenty years experience in higher education at Stanford University and at California State University, Monterey Bay. Cecilia has more honors and awards than we can possibly list here, but here’s one gorgeous example of a tribute to Cecilia and her late husband Tony Burciaga–the mural below is at Casa Zapata, the Chicana/o & Latina/o theme residence at Stanford University, where the couple mentored students for over twenty years (the image of Cecilia & Tony is foregrounded against a copy of one of Tony’s most popular murals).

Burciaga tribute

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