L.A.: Another tenured Chicana, and some art…

Newly tenured Associate Professor Dionne Espinoza writes of her recent tenure decision at Cal State L.A. in the department of Chicano Studies. She is also Director of the Center for the Study of Genders & Sexualities at CSULA. She is also awaiting publication of her new book, co-edited with Lorena Oropeza, titled Enriqueta Vasquez and the Chicano Movement: Writings from El Grito Del Norte, in the Hispanic Civil Rights Series of Arte Publico Press (forthcoming Nov 2006). Congrats Dionne!!

Across town at the University of LaVerne, Claudia Huiza is very excited about an upcoming artshow by Martin Durazo.  She writes that “Martin’s work is extremely relevant to the era we live in and offers a piercing commentary on human nature, our tendency to turn to harmful living in pursuit of an alternative spirituality, and explores themes such as perceptive manipulation and perceived control through organizational systems.”  The show runs from Sept 12 thru Oct 20 at Harris Art Gallery at the Univ of LaVerne.  You can also see Martin’s work at his website.

What do you think?

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