Timeline Express Announcements

August 3­ – 6, 1990

5th MALCS institute at UCLA. Organized by Angie Veyna, Chicana/Latina Studies, Office, Chicano Studies Research Center. Theme: Conflict and Contradiction. First conference outside of Northern California.

August 1989

400 persons subscribe to MALCS Newsletter.

August 16­ – 20, 1989

4th MALCS institute at Santa Clara, California. Theme: Achieving Education & Equity. First conference outside of UC Davis. Organized by Alma Garcia and Martina Valdez. 80 attended, of whom 61 were undergraduates, many of whom were able to attend due to funding efforts by Margarita Melville. Members of the Latina…

June 27, 1989

Angie Chabran at UCLA and UC Davis members protested the depiction of Mexican women in a film by a UCLA student.

April 1, 1989

MALCS sponsored a meeting at NACS to discuss a Chicana Studies journal.

March 20, 1989

Margarita Melville (UC Berkeley) and Ada Sosa Riddell wrote “Preliminary Proposal Submitted by Chicana Policy Issues Workshop.”


Chicana Studies Policy workgroup formed.