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MUJERES TALK: Y las mexicanas migrantes, ¿cuándo?

We are pleased to offer the second post in our new series, Mujeres Talk: Mujeres & Migration. In this entry, Gloria González-López reflects on the unique social contexts and circumstances surrounding Mexican immigrant’s women  journeys. “Compañera, tenga cuidado, what you … Read More

Mujeres Talk: Mujeres, Migration & Arizona’s SB1070

By C. Alejandra Elenes There should be no doubt that patriarchy, white supremacy, and privilege are the ideological underpinnings of anti-immigrant legislation and policy in Arizona. The anti-immigrant climate in Arizona is not new, it is an intrinsic part of its history. Indeed at this historical juncture in the continuum of anti-immigrant legislation SB 1070 […]