Un mensaje

Dear MALCSistas,

¿Cómo esta tu corazón?

A dear friend of mine always asks this question, “how is your heart?” I find it pertinent to ask this given the turbulent times we are enduring.

nodaplWith much turmoil, uncertainty, pain, and many struggles our communities are fighting and facing; mi corazón esta triste but also hopeful. We stand in solidarity with our familia in Standing Rock! We are with you—we will continue to persevere for Cambio Social/Social Change. Let’s all please take action! Go to our Facebook page to read and share informational links about this important matter and other injustices our gente is experiencing.  I write this brief note to remind ourselves that we have each other. En la lucha, siempre. We are Mujeres Activas!

I also write to inform you that due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, Eastern Washington University will not be hosting the Summer Institute in 2017! Please know that as soon as I was informed about this news—my first reaction was to reach out to several MALCSistas, from east to west.  I am still in communication with an institution and will hopefully have an answer before heading to the National Women’s Studies Association conference. I/we will keep you updated.

Please take care MALCSistas. Cuida tu corazón.

Judith Flores Carmona





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