Oakland: Cherrie Moraga offers “Stay Home” Writing Workshop 8/3 – 8/5

Chicana chingona playwright, poet, and essayist Cherríe Moraga has announced a summer writing workshop as she “stays home” for the summer.  See complete info at https://www.cherriemoraga.com.

Workshop Description:
I am ‘staying home’ this summer and in that staying, invite writers (over twenty-five-years old) – all genres & all levels – to engage in what I have come to know as the fundamentals to a productive writing practice. They are: a “beginner’s mind” (as founded in Zen Buddhism) and an indigenous approach to “authenticity” in our work and in our words; through w(riting), we return to our home-knowledges, languages, and geographies to uncover what is profoundly original in us as artists, writers and thinkers. -Cherríe Moraga

Friday (8/3) – 7pm to 10 pm.
Saturday (8/4) – 10am to 4pm + “Palabra de Fuego” @ 7pm.
Sunday (8/5)- 10am to 5pm

Application Process: DUE JULY 15th
Please provide a personal statement (250-500 words) that responds to the questions below. Write using your natural (writing/speaking) voice. This is not a “work sample,” but a way to express a small moment of the “writing-you” in advance of the workshop. (Questions with a * are required.)

• What/where do you consider ‘home?’ And, what do you consider your ‘home culture?’ *
• How would you describe your original tongue?
• How would you describe the state of the actual body through which you write (this might relate to gender, sexuality, physical condition or history, race, etc.)
• What is your actual age and how is this related to the way you presently write or what you want from your writing today? *
• What is the greatest obstacle to your writing process?
• What motivates you to show up for this workshop at this summer’s moment in your life? *

A fee of $300 includes the following:
• 3-days of writing workshops
• Sat & Sun pan, café, te, juices and box lunch
• an evening “Palabra de Fuego”
• one-on-one short private writing interview with Maestra Moraga to discuss your writing practice.

$75.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Required upon acceptance into the workshop
(deposits only returned if workshop over-fills)

Deposit due by: July 20th
Full payment due by August 3rd

cash, checks, money orders & paypal accepted

For more information & to register, contact: cmoraga.assistant@gmail.com

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