CFP 2011 Writing Workshops at Summer Institute, CSULA

Chicana/Latina Studies: The Journal of Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social
invites your participation in the Writing Workshops at the
2011 MALCS Summer Institute at Cal State LA (CSULA), August 3-7, 2011

The deadline for submission is postmark July 1, 2011.
First-come, first-serve basis for 8 participants.

The Writing Workshops are one of the Journal’s formal methods of creating a feminist editorial process. Following the spirit and mission of MALCS, the editors offer the workshops in order to energize through collaboration and institutionalize mentorship. Participants bring their polished articles and depart with clear recommendations for meeting internal criteria of Chicana/Latina Studies, specific direction about revision, and first-hand knowledge about our feminist editorial production process.

We encourage applications from writers at all professional levels, including tenured or mid-career professors. Facilitators are mid-career scholars with robust publication records and nearly a decade in editorial work.

Due to the goals of the workshop, we cannot accept submissions of dissertation chapters.

Coming from, Karen Mary Davalos
National Advisory Board, Chicana/Latina Studies

5 thoughts on “CFP 2011 Writing Workshops at Summer Institute, CSULA”

  1. As I was conducting research on Phoenix Metro Mexican yerberias/botanicas, my mother shared memories of my father collecting plants he used to prepare medicines and food from the desert. Would this be a good topic to bring to the workshop? How much does the workshop cost?

  2. The Academic Article Writing Workshop is closed. Thank you for your interest in Chicana/Latina Studies: the journal of MALCS and its feminist editorial practices.


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