Theresa Delgadillo

Mujeres Talk: New Editorial Guidelines

Regular readers of Mujeres Talk will know that we have evolved from a site that sporadically posted research and commentary to a regular weekly schedule of publication. While I developed and ran the site in its first year (2011), in its second … Read More

Mujeres Talk: Latin@ in Spain?

  In Barcelona, Spain, while speaking with friends over lunch at a communal picnic table – switching from Spanish to English and back again – I heard the woman in the family sitting next to us say, in a whispered … Read More

Mujeres Talk: Glee and Chiquita-fication

The February 7, 2012, episode of Glee, titled “The Spanish Teacher” features Ricky Martin in a guest appearance as David Martinez, who, as a Latino teacher of Spanish, becomes a rival to Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) for both the affections of … Read More