MALCS Bylaws 2019 Statement

Dear MALCS Members,

In an effort to better represent and serve our membership we have undertaken the revision of our organization’s bylaws. The revisions have been reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee and Coordinating Committee.
On behalf of the MALCS bylaw committee Elena Avilés, Sonya Alemán, Vanessa Fonseca-Chávez, and Yvette Saavedra we invite MALCS membership to review the revised bylaws under consideration. In accordance with the present bylaws, the MALCS body will have one year during which to consider/discuss the proposed bylaws before voting to adopt them.

The proposed Bylaw Revisions are posted on the MALCS Governance Forum and available for members to review and comment before voting.

Aside from online review/discussion/comments/suggestions we will provide time at the 2019 SI Business Meeting for in-person discussion.

It is our goal to vote on the bylaws by the 2020 SI. We appreciate and value your input.