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Three Resources for Jobhunters - Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social

Three Resources for Jobhunters

  • If you are currently on the market, you should know about this series of public wikis maintained by and for jobhunters in different fields (Anthro*, Socio, History, Queer/Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, Religious Studies, H&S Postdocs, etc. (just search for additional fields, but pay attention to year).Wiki jobhunter page  Each wiki is a list of current job opportunities in the field, along with comments and updates by readers about the progress of each search.  It is essentially an anonymous community of others on the market, who post things like “I received an email for a phone interview” or “Has anybody heard anything yet?”  It’s a pretty powerful use of the public wiki format. You can register if you like, but you don’t have to – just click the blue “Edit” button at the top of each page, or a specific pencil icon to add your comments.
    *note that many fields are subdivided, like Linguistic Anthro, Physical Anthro, Cultural Anthro, etc.
  • While I know most every campus has its own specialized Career Center, here is a particularly strong online handbook/resource, PhD & Postdoc Career Guide (pdf here) from Stanford’s Career Development Center.
    Click to download complete guide in pdf
    Click to download complete guide in pdf

    It has chapters on writing your cv and cover letters with lots of examples;  different interview guides for conferences, phone, Skype, and campus visits; networking; negotiating offers; and considering careers beyond academia, as well as various other resources  targeted at Humanities and Social Science PhDs.  Download the entire thing here or browse the table of contents here(page down a bit).

  • Finally, if you’re considering jobs outside academe, check out Versatile PhD, a free discussion forum for “advice and support around non-academic careers.”





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