We Speak for Ourselves: “Decolonizing Nuestr@s Conciencias, Cuerpos, La Tierra y el Alma”


The Association for Jotería Arts, Activism and Scholarship (AJAAS)
Invites proposals for our 1st National Conference:

“We Speak for Ourselves: Decolonizing Nuestr@s Conciencias, Cuerpos, La Tierra y El Alma”

October 19-21, 2012
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Submissions: Early Bird: August 15, 2012
Last call: September 1, 2012 to: joteriamail@gmail.com

On October 14 and 15, 2011, we took steps toward building an organization that brought together Jotería arts, activism and scholarship. After years of community dialogues and three Jotería conferences, which took place at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2007), California State University, Los Angeles (2008) and the University of Oregon (2010), the need for institutional spaces that support, affirm and manifest Jotería consciousness surfaced. The Association for Jotería Arts, Activism and Scholarship (AJAAS) is intended to build on the ways of being and knowing of our communities by creating a space where Jotería consciousness thrives. This organization will embody the interwoven nature of the arts, activism and scholarship. Recognizing the ways in which we move within and across multiple mediums, practices and disciplines, we are forging an organization capable of supporting its members in multiple formats and contexts.

Our first conference will bring together various queer artists, activists, students, scholars, and members of the community to create a shared space where we continue to wield agency and celebrate and honor the legacy of survival, resilience, and resistance among queer communities. We seek to map how sacred spaces allow dialogue on the evolution and revolution of queer activism, performance and art, and scholarship. In doing so, we continue to imagine and (re)create a queer homeland.

We welcome participation from all queer communities creating spaces of equality, equity, safety, inclusiveness, and empowerment regardless of ethnic background, gender orientation, or nationality.

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