Institute: Public transport to CSULA from LAX/Burbank

Public Transportation from LAX or Burbank Airports to Cal State LA

There are multiple ways to go from the LAX and Burbank airports to CSULA. These are some of them:

From the LAX Airport– Follow the signs to Ground Transportation. Once outside, look for the green signs indicating Flyaway. The Flyaway shuttle buses are blue and they run every 20-30 minutes. Make sure you will board the Flyaway bus to Union Station. The fare is $7.00 and it takes between 30-50 minutes to Union Station (downtown), depending on traffic. Based on the time of your arrival to Union Station, select an option to get to CSULA. These options can take from 12 to 25 minutes and are:

  1. the Metrolink San Bernardino from Union Station to CSULA, costs $5.25 and takes 10 min;
  2. the Silver Line to CSULA costs $1.50 and takes 12 min (board at Busway E); or
  3. the bus 481, or 70 costs $1.50 and takes 20-25 min.

From the Burbank (Bob Hope) Airport—Walk to the Metrolink (Amtrak) Burbank Station and board either the Metrolink or the Amtrak. These are the options:

  1. Take the Metrolink directly to CSULA. You will need to transfer in Union Station from the Airport/Venture line to the San Bernardino line. It costs $6.25 directly to CSULA, it would take you about 40-45min (check schedules to find out if your waiting at Union Station is reasonable);
  2. Take the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner (Amtrak) to Union Station, which costs $8.00, and would take about 25-40 min. Once at Union Station you will have several options to arrive to CSULA, which can take you from 12 to 30 minutes
    • take the San Bernardino Metrolink to CSULA, takes 10 minutes and costs $5.25;
    • OR take the Silver Line to CSULA, costs $1.50 and takes 12 min. (board at Busway E);
    • OR take the bus 699, 481, or 70 to CSULA, costs $1.50, and takes 20-25 min.
  3. Take the Metrolink to Union Station which costs $6.00 and then:
    • take the Silver Line to CSULA, costs $1.50 and takes 12 min. (board at Busway E);
    • OR take the bus 481, or 70 costs $1.50 and takes 20-25 min.

To select the faster way, depending on your schedule, the schedule of trains and buses, and the distance to walk to each means, go to and use the Metro Trip Planner, or the Goggle Transit in the main page of the Metro Trip Planner, or go directly to Google Maps, Directions.

Useful links:

      1. LAX Ground Transportation:
      2. Flyaway:
      3. Flyaway Union Station:
      4. Metrolink:
      5. Amtrak:
      6. Buses:
      7. or call (323) GO-METRO or (511)

Enjoy your trip by public transportation to CSULA. Download this info as a Word document.

–From Tere V.

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