Flor's Keynote Address, Arizona MALCS Institute,

Flor Crisostomo’s Keynote Address, MALCS Arizona Institute, July 22, 2010, Phoenix

Good morning Compañeras,
It is a great honor to stand before you in this important event. I start by thanking the coordinators for all your efforts in coordinating this historic event for us. My name is Flor Crisostomo. I Zapotec from Oaxaca, Mexico and I represent La Red Xicana Indigena, a member organization of the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas and the International Forum of Indigenous Women. I am a mother of three children who has lived apart from them since my arrival in the United States. I am an undocumented worker which has been placed on the lists of fugitives and criminals by this countries federal government. My crime is being a father and mother to my children and trying to provide a decent livelihood for them a right that is or should be entitled to all human beings.

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