Arizona State Institute Webcast

Chair Keta Miranda writes:

As MALCS defended immigrant rights, ethnic studies and domestic partners benefits in Arizona by cancelling our 2010 Institute in league with thousands of voices for justice, at the same time we committed our organization to support the incredible efforts of our Arizona colleagues. They have continued to focus on human rights and re-tooled their work to hold a MALCS Arizona State Conference illustrating the basic ideals of MALCS of bridging letras and cambio social.

Info for the State Conference that will be held from July 22 ­ 24, 2010 in Phoenix, Az is at their website ( provides details of the agenda and workshops.

To enhance support to our Arizona compañeras, the conference will be on webcast! Additionally, the technology will allow for questions from a national audience to the presenters through real time on email. The Court hearing on the legality of SB 1070 underscores the urgency of the moment. The technological platform provides MALCS with the connections to mobilize support.

Stephanie Mendez adds:
the link for the Arizona MALCS Institute webcast page for national participants to join in the panel sessions. The website is

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