STUDY: Latinas & Health

Dr. Eun-Ok Im is conducting an Internet study on the physical activity attitudes among diverse ethnic groups of middle-aged women (40-60 Y/O). Since your organization is mainly aimed at Hispanic communities, we believe that Hispanic women who are in your organization will benefit from participating in this study. Hispanic women’s participation in our study will give us a more complete data sample; furthermore, Hispanic women’s opinions and experiences are very imperative and cannot be neglected because the Hispanic population is expanding very quickly in America.

We are asking you to help us announce this study on your website or through a newsletter. The link for the study is ( ). Each survey takes about 30 minutes.

In this study, each participant will be reimbursed with a gift certificate of 10 dollars per survey.  The survey will begin by asking a series of eligibility questions. If you are in-eligible you will be notified.  Below are some background information and a study announcement of this study.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our study.  Thank you so much for considering this study. Thanks again for your help,

e-MAPA Research Team
Elaine Wang, Research Assistant
School of Nursing, University of Texas at Austin
1700 Red River, Austin, TX 78701

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