New film on 30s Repatriation

My name is Lourdes Serrano and I am the promoter of MeChicano Films. I am currently in charge of a very interesting and educational project,

A Forgotten Injustice is Vicente Serrano’s opera prima, and the first documentary that uncovers the story of almost two million Mexican Americans and U.S. citizens, who were forced out of the United States during the Great Depression in the 1930s. These people were forced to leave because of one reason: They were of Mexican descent. In order to avoid making the same mistakes in our efforts to find a solution to today’s immigration problem, we have to look back and learn from A Forgotten Injustice.

A Forgotten Injustice is the result of an extensive investigation headed by journalist Vicente Serrano. Serrano traveled across the country and Mexico to capture the experiences of these men and women, many still living in extreme poverty in rural areas in Mexico. Some of the survivors are coming back to the U.S almost 80 years later. “They should apologize for what they have done to us before we die and before the government commits the same mistakes,” exclaimed Emilia Castañeda who was born in Los Angeles and forced to leave the U.S with her family in the 30s.

A Forgotten Injustice includes interviews with historians, politicians and survivors. Among them, Former California State Senator Joseph Dunn, John Coatsworth, Dean, School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, Hilda Solis, US Representative, Raymond Rodriguez, Professor of History, emeritus, Long Beach City College, Francisco Balderrama, co-author of Decade of Betrayal, Ernesto Nava Villa, Son of Pancho Villa, and John Eastman, Dean, Chapman University School of Law.

Lourdes Serrano
MeChicano Films

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