Call for papers: NACCS 2007, San Jose, California

Submission deadline: October 22, 2006
Call for Papers is now open!  Go here for submission info

Conference dates are still under consideration: either March 28-31 or April 4-8. We are hoping to finalize the date by end of September.

Sociocultural and Ideological Shifts:
Chicana/o Migratory Movements and Immigration Passages

The theme for the 2007 meeting calls for an examination of movements within and across nation states and the social movements that emerge because of the policies that aim to restrict motion and the survival of a people. Chicana/o Studies has challenged, contested, and revised the ways in which scholars understand spatial arrangements and movement relations across nation states as well as within local and regional communities. Chicana/o Studies is a scholarly discipline that does not separate theory from practice, as such we aim to amplify the ways we study and examine individual, collective, and group experiences in relationship to race, class, gender, and sexual bounds that limit and mark the lived experiences of Chicanas/os in the United States. We have expanded race / ethnicity as conceptual categories to contest notions of binary constructs, to document mixed heritage and diasporic notions of our people and our communities.  Studies of migration and immigration have focused on the movement of workers, with studies of indigenous field workers and poor peasants who migrate / immigrate to the United States as members of a class. Gender and sexuality mark the ways in which class and spatial migration organizes relations between men and women, premised on heterosexist notions that frame what we see and understand inside traditionalist, modernist, and postmodernist notions of relating.

NACCS calls for papers that address the inherent contradictions of migration and immigration, class movements, social mobility, social justice movements, and displacement. Focus should be on social justice struggles that emerge from these shifts.

Deadline for submissions is October 22, 2006.

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